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Pointers for the WordPress Beginner


I’ve used Wordpress for over 4 years now, and I love it to absolute bits, but I often get questions about Wordpress, particularly at the beginner level. These include on where to start, understanding the basics of Wordpress, getting the best out of the CMS, and pointers on building themes. Here, I’ll lay out some pointers for the intermediate Wordpress developer, wanting to get into using Wordpress and getting started on Theme Development.

A Student’s Guide to Web Design


In January 2012, I was approached by Janna Hagan to collaborate on her project, A Student’s Guide to Web Design, in order to provide development of a custom WordPress theme. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity as I’m a big believer of teaching others in the Industry. Janna provided the initial design, while […]

Lochboisdale Amenity Trust


In August 2011, I was approached by Members of the Lochboisdale Amenity Trust, in need of a website. After some discussion, they seemed very open and I had a few ideas that seemed innovative, as well as keeping the design in context with the Hebridean scene. I wanted to use this opportunity for working on […]

Ennis and Perry


In June 2012, I was approached by Eleventh Edition for a project that was organized by Ennis & Perry, a Design agency in Australia. The requirements were to take their design and develop it into a Responsive and clean website. For this project, it was recommended we use the Skeleton Framework, and it took some […]