A Student’s Guide to Web Design

In January 2012, I was approached by Janna Hagan to collaborate on her project, A Student’s Guide to Web Design, in order to provide development of a custom WordPress theme. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity as I’m a big believer of teaching others in the Industry.

Janna provided the initial design, while I provided the entire Front End development as well as WordPress functionality. I also used this opportunity to try out a lot of custom made WordPress, as well as some jQuery experimentation and CSS. In particular, I tried out CSS transitions on every interactive element so it added more to the user experience, of using smooth animations on buttons and anchors. I also made sure the design was made exactly to the design provided.

A Student's Guide to Web Design

Janna was incredibly helpful during the development, and we managed to collaborate well together. She provided great detail on the theme as well as good communication during the project as a whole. I really hope we work again in the future.