Valuing Other Designer’s Efforts and Opinions

I've always been told to remain professional and sometimes hold my tongue on a lot of things, as to not let them bother me, but I feel this needs to be said. I'm really glad there are people that learn, and imrpove, in what we do, some even go to amazing levels to achieve what they do, but you sometimes find the occasional smell of ego and superiority.

I've made the mention before that there's only so much wrong you can do in this industry, and that even includes learning as well as your own creative process It's great that designers and developers alike have the desire to get better, and improve their work ethic as well as their practices to standards.

However, I keep seeing the odd rude opinion, on someone else's work, usually by people who are either more educated, popular, or experienced in a field. Personally, I find this being rude over something subjective, and even devaluing the effort of someone who is still learning. This is quite condescending and even egotistical over something so subjective. If your form of feedback to a piece of work or an opinion is to be condescending and nothing that would help, then it's times like these it's sometimes best to say nothing.

As well as that, if any feedback towards your opinion contains anything you don't like, it does not make their opinion on yours of any less merit.

If you are well known, are popular for your work or are quite educated in what you do, remember that you were like those still learning now at a time, and you are still capable of being rude or wrong. This also does not give you a rite of passage to say what you like on anything, regardless. I often wonder if I offend anybody (and if I have, I do apologise), but I do try and keep it to a minimum, yet I still go out there to defend the next guy. There's nothing wrong with saying what you feel like, it's how you say it that matters.

If your feedback on something isn't in a strong light, at least try not to be rude or condescending to anyone's learning or process. If anything, help them improve, if it means that much to you.

Written by Iain MacDonald

Iain MacDonald is a Web Designer and Developer from Glasgow, Scotland. He likes clean code, functionality, and vibrant design. You can find Iain on Twitter, Dribbble or at his Website.


  1. Justin Jackson said on August 9, 2013

    Well said Iain; especially on calling out folks that are rude. I think the focus on “helping others improve” is especially important.

    It’s always fun to use the Wayback Machine and find the old work of currently popular designers. It proves the point: everyone had to start somewhere. ;)

  2. Adam said on August 13, 2013

    There has definitely been a recent ramp-up of people being dicks on twitter (behind their back) about something they saw on Dribbble. Or whatever. It’s elsewhere too, I’m just not surprised to be seeing this post right now.


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