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So after a lot of time chasing tails, chaos, and just all round crazy, my website is finally up! All fresh and brand new; I had decided to re–invent the site for a long while now, to make it look more professional, as well as write more professionally. I’m looking forward to its future with better writing and ideas.

Wait, so what took you so long?!

There’s a lot to be said here; firstly, it’s a whole other story, as I’ll explain the new site’s process in a future case study. I originally decided back in late 2011 I wanted to re–start the site to help my outlook on my career. I originally intended to get the website done in a few weeks, like all of my projects. As you can see, I was way off. Ever since the start, there was problems as to what the site would be like, what it would represent of myself, and what I wanted to write about. It’s safe to say I was overthinking but I can also admit at least I know what I set was a high bar for myself.

To do something that you feel in your heart that’s great you need to make a lot of mistakes to get there.

Billie Joe Armstrong

In the last year, I’ve met great people, worked with cool designers and have been given a big boost in life. I’ve learned a lot in the past year about this Industry, some good, some bad, but all life is a learning experience and you just have to take it as it is.

So is this another one of those design blogs?

That is one of the reasons I demolished the website as I didn’t want to write about tutorials or “40 examples of subject X, Y and Z” as I felt that didn’t say a lot more about me as a designer; and I wanted to be seen as more than just that. I want to write more about certain points of view, as well help others with ideas or advice I’ve learnt over time, but also some pointers that some people could use.

Also, it’ll be great to hear from all you cool guys on articles I write as well as get feedback on these subjects as it’s great to hear feedback from peers.

So yeah, hope you like the new website. ;-)

Written by Iain MacDonald

Iain MacDonald is a Web Designer and Developer from Glasgow, Scotland. He likes clean code, functionality, and vibrant design. You can find Iain on Twitter, Dribbble or at his Website.


  1. Artem Sapegin said on October 12, 2012

    Sounds familiar to me! I also started redesign of my homepage in autumn 2011. (Previous design I made in 2003 :-) And it steel in beta because I have to do some finishing touches.

    • Iain MacDonald said on October 14, 2012

      You’re your own worst critic; that’s what causes a lot of designers to continually chase around their ideas for their own portfolio, and it ends up being a pursuit for perfection. But I have to say, once you’ve finished your own website, and you’ve done it to your own standard, it’s a huge relief. :-)

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