Introducing strppd.css

I’m very proud to release the first copy of a reset I’ve been working on for a while now, which is big step forward from the classic Meyer reset. I’ve been playing about with this for a while but I think now is the time to let it out on the open. Introducing, strppd.css!

On SpoonGraphics and Non-Responsiveness


This Wednesday just gone, Blog.Spoongraphics got an updated design, nearly 3 years after the previous version. Needless to say, I enjoy it, it’s very well laid out, and is very ambitious. One thing that has caught people’s attention is how it is non–responsive, it has got a lot of praise for such a bold move; since I’m such a fan of Chris Spooner it’s certainly caught my eye and has given me food for thought.

Behind the Scenes of iainspad

Retina and normal graphics

As one of the first posts on here, I wanted to cover the inspiration, ideals and reasons for the website’s current design. I’ve always been interested in abstract design, textures and vibrant designs, but eventually, I wanted to move on from that, and practice new things. Here, I’ll explain the design process as well as problem solving.

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