Of Course Web Design Isn’t Dead

About time I dusted off this thing, didn’t I? Not even a week into the New Year and already there’s a small debacle over the profession.

Valuing Other Designer’s Efforts and Opinions

I’ve always been told to remain professional and sometimes hold my tongue on a lot of things, as to not let them bother me, but I feel this needs to be said. I’m really glad there are people that learn, and imrpove, in what we do, some even go to amazing levels to achieve what they do, but you sometimes find the occasional smell of ego and superiority.

In Regards to Portfolios and Presentation

It’s important to display your work if you say you’re a designer, as well as what your expertises are, and how you present yourself. When I look at other young and talented designers, I look for their portfolio, it’s an absolute essential. However, I notice there can be some cases where I the work isn’t there on show, and find it hard to take interest in someone when I can’t see their work.