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In Regards to Portfolios and Presentation

It’s important to display your work if you say you’re a designer, as well as what your expertises are, and how you present yourself. When I look at other young and talented designers, I look for their portfolio, it’s an absolute essential. However, I notice there can be some cases where I the work isn’t there on show, and find it hard to take interest in someone when I can’t see their work.

On SpoonGraphics and Non-Responsiveness


This Wednesday just gone, Blog.Spoongraphics got an updated design, nearly 3 years after the previous version. Needless to say, I enjoy it, it’s very well laid out, and is very ambitious. One thing that has caught people’s attention is how it is non–responsive, it has got a lot of praise for such a bold move; since I’m such a fan of Chris Spooner it’s certainly caught my eye and has given me food for thought.