I am a Web & Icon Designer from Glasgow, Scotland. I have a compelling interest in Design, Typography, Front–end Development, and Semantics. I also like Delicious Cake!

But while cake is rather tasty, I can’t exactly write a lot about it in this bio. What I can say, however, is that I was a Student of 3 years in the field of Graphic Design, while learning Web Development in my spare time. This gave me the edge to use my Graphic Design skills in Web Development, using good styling and typographical intellect in my work.

My Favourite Aspects of Design

I like the fact, at this time, more and more Designers are turning towards the web and solving the problems of Print style techniques to make them work, as to make the web a more visually enriching and immersive experience. I also like how, even while we’re concentrating on content accessibility, we can still have very art–driven directions in contemporary web design, whether it’s a design revival or a progression.

How do I work?

I always like to keep a new project organised to best plan the strategy of a client’s website and provide the best visual experience possible. Whether it’s on a desktop screen or a mobile device, I aim for the best possible solution for a project. I’m also writing a lot more about coding, ideas and learning. You should check them out on my blog or see my daily ramblings about Design and Development on Twitter.

Who do I like to work with?

I like to work with small businesses, design agencies as well as collaborate with other designers. Design is an ever–evolving medium and it’s a never ending learning curve, so I like to work with other designers closely to exchange ideas and learn more about the industry, as well as new things to try out in this creative medium. If you want to work with me, please, contact me and we’ll get together for something.